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Every year the spray system is calibrated to insure proper droplet size to help reduce harm to non-target insects.We apply adulticide primarily via helicopter. The helicopter blankets parts of the county with spray, leaving a garlic-like smell in the air for a couple hours.

Man in bee-keeper suit looking at hive

Bee Keepers

Our objective is to control mosquitoes with as little harm to pollinators as possible. However should you have any further concerns, please contact us.
Locals report they have not been negatively affected by the blanket spraying.

Man blurred out flying Drone

Drone Pilots

SCMAD#1 is asking all drone pilots (licensed or not) to please not fly your drone during the aerial application. Drones pose a serious risk not just to the helicopter pilot, but to every one around you in the event of a crash. We appreciate your help keeping our town safe.

Old tire with dirty water sitting by shed

Your Help

How you can help control mosquitoes?
Around the home, standing water left in flowerpot trays, old tires, and open containers can create inviting mosquito habitats.
One of the keys to mosquito control is ensuring that this type of standing water is eliminated. Your participation in draining standing water around your yard will help make a difference.

a chart showing the life cycle of a mosquito

Mosquito Life Cycle

Knowing the different stages of the mosquito's life will help you prevent mosquitoes around your home and also help you choose the right pesticides for your needs, if you decide to use them. All mosquito species go through four distinct stages during their life cycle: Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult. click on the Picture to watch a video on the Mosquito Life Cycle.

A Person holding up their hands saying no

Don't Want Sprayed?

If you would prefer not to be sprayed please call Owen Best at 307-231-4459. Please provide your full name and address to be placed on the Do Not Spray List.

Picture of PDF on Truck Spraying for Mosquitoes

What you need to know about Truck Spraying!

Mosquito control districts or local government departments track both nuisance mosquitoes and mosquitoes that can spread viruses. Spraying larvicides and adulticides from a truck, according to label instructions, is one way to kill mosquito larvae or adult mosquitoes in an area. This is especially important when people in the community are getting sick from mosquito bites.

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  1. Control and Reduce the number of Mosquitoes that can spread Viruses.
  2. Reduce your chances of getting infected with viruses.

Mosquito control trucks may spray adulticide or larvicide.
Very small amounts of adulticide are sprayed into the air to kill flying mosquitoes (adults). Larvicide is applied directly to the water where mosquitoes have been detected. This type of application is also useful to kill mosquito larvae living in places
that are difficult to reach.

Adulticiding: Spraying occurs when mosquitoes are most
active. Generally, local government agencies or mosquito
control districts announce the dates and times of spraying in
the local newspaper, on district websites and social media, by
telephone, or through door-to-door notices.
Larviciding: Applications are typically done during the day
so that the driver can easily locate bodies of water where
mosquito larvae have been detected.

After spraying, mosquito control districts or local government
departments will track mosquito populations and treat an area
again as necessary to reduce the chances of people getting
bitten by mosquitoes.ici

No, when done correctly, truck spraying will not harm people,
pets, animals, or the environment.

Spraying is safe when applied by a licensed vector control professional who follows label instructions. If you
prefer to stay inside and close windows and doors you can, but it is not necessary. The spray does not harm
pets, but you may choose to bring them inside when spraying occurs. Contact your doctor or healthcare
provider if you have any concerns following spraying.

1. The Environmental Protection
Agency oversees the registration of
2. The National Pesticide Information
Center (NPIC) provides information
online or through a toll-free number,

You can follow this link to the CDC Website about Mosquitoes and your health.

Is the Aerial Method Effective?

Fyfanon ULV Insecticide is Friendly to use around humans, pets, and wildlife when used according to the product label. Fyfanon is labeled for aerial and ground-application mosquito control and has been an important tool for mosquito control in the U.S., Canada and around the world for 60 years. Once Fyfanon has been applied it immediately begins to break down due to photo-degradation, (exposure to sunlight and air) this process only takes a few minutes.


 Fyfanon ULV can be atomized into different sized droplets to target different insects. For mosquitoes the droplet is so small and the application rate is so low it’s only visible in perfect lighting. Every year the spray system is calibrated to insure proper droplet size to help reduce harm to non-target insects.


 Fyfanon provides proven, cost-effective control of adult mosquitoes and, as an organophosphate, keeps pyrethroid and pyrethrin insecticides working hard by reducing the chance of resistance development.